Congressman Edward L. Schrock of the 2nd District of Virginia was honored in a ceremony on May 1st by The Friends of Libraries U.S.A (FOLUSA) for his long time contributions to libraries. Prior to joining the 107th Congress, Schrock served as President of the Friends of the Virginia Beach Public Library for 12 years, and was appointed to the Board of the Library of Virginia by former Governor Allen. During the morning awards ceremony and later at the Virginia delegations' luncheon, congressman Schrock spoke of the importance of libraries in our children's education. He described the following building blocks of education as "secondary education" representing the 2nd floor, "elementary education" representing the 1st floor, and the "library" as the basement or "foundation" for learning.

Congressman Schrock spoke of his wife, Judy's, commitment to teaching, noting the importance of developing critical skills in reading. Mrs. Schrock has been a kindergarten teacher in the Norfolk public school system since 1985. He spoke with pride about the Virginia Beach Public Library system noting that it's easy to support "those that you love."