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Reading: Charting a Course: Volume 66 of Virginia Libraries


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Charting a Course: Volume 66 of Virginia Libraries


Julia Feerrar ,

Virginia Tech, US
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Tracey Berning,

Virginia Beach Public Library, US
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Andrea Castillo,

Alexandria Library, US
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Emily Correa,

Campbell County Public Library System, US
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Stephen Leist,

Virginia Wesleyan University, US
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Bettina Peacemaker,

Virginia Commonwealth, US
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Elizabeth Weir

Chrysler Museum of Art, US
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The Editorial Board is happy to present volume sixty-six (Vol. 66) of Virginia Libraries. The Essays in this volume represent approaches to charting a course in multiple ways, from the sweeping journey of international travel to the customized details of ebook app curation. Read on and consider adding your voice to the next volume.

How to Cite: Feerrar, J., Berning, T., Castillo, A., Correa, E., Leist, S., Peacemaker, B. and Weir, E., 2023. Charting a Course: Volume 66 of Virginia Libraries. Virginia Libraries, 66(1), p.4. DOI:
  Published on 23 Jan 2023
 Accepted on 10 Jan 2023            Submitted on 09 Jan 2023

The Editorial Board is happy to present volume sixty-six (Vol. 66) of Virginia Libraries. We appreciate the variety of articles authors shared, highlighting a range of experiences and journeys.

K.T. Vaughan opens this volume by reflecting on VLA’s activities in 2022 and setting a course for the future in “Recovery and Revival: A Letter to VLA’s Membership.” Vaughan offers thoughts on four strategic areas for VLA’s present and future: membership, advocacy and visibility, conferences and continuing education, and clear communication and organizational structure. From navigating frequent book challenges to exploring new opportunities to engage members, there is much to celebrate and look forward to in the coming year.

Sometimes, librarianship takes us on a literal journey. In “Experiencing Teranga: A Library Fellowship in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa,” Olivia Hasan reflects on her summer fellowship with the West African Research Association. This Essay/Commentary describes the variety of learning experiences that accompany international travel. As Hasan writes, “I applied to the program to gain a deeper understanding of librarianship, to experience an academic library setting, to delve into a new culture, and to have the opportunity to visit a dream country.” In addition to her reflections, readers will enjoy a visual glimpse of Hasan’s journey through the many photos she captured.

In “Libby App Curation for the Virginia Librarian,” Jill Minor offers an approach to navigating the very local and specific needs of patrons who enjoy ebooks and audiobooks. As Minor notes, ebooks apps often default to highlighting new items with long waiting lists or older bestsellers that many patrons have already read, causing frustration among readers. This Essay/Commentary offers practical solutions for those looking to customize their access and discovery of electronic collections with Libby.

Keep your ideas coming! We love to hear your voices, and it was especially nice to meet some aspiring authors at our VLA conference presentation this year. We already have one article in the pipeline for upcoming publication, and we encourage all to consider adding your scholarship and stories to what we hope is an increasingly diverse and inclusive journal. Whether it’s a best practice, developed blog, social media thread, case study, or research, there is a place for your words to be shared. Extend our library conversations and enrich our profession with your contributions. We look forward to hearing from you as we chart our course for the new year!


Erin White was Assistant Editor through spring 2022 and contributed to preparation and review activities related to this volume.

Editor Information

The 2022 Virginia Libraries Editorial Board:

  • Julia Feerrar, Editor in Chief
  • Tracey Berning, Managing Editor
  • Andrea Castillo
  • Emily Correa
  • Stephen Leist
  • Bettina Peacemaker
  • Elizabeth Weir

Competing Interests

The authors have no competing interests to declare.

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