George Mason Award

The Virginia Library Association sponsors one association-wide award, the George Mason Award. This award is presented to an individual librarian; to a library; to an individual or organization distinguished for advocacy of libraries and/or information access; or to an institution, business, or academic program whose activity has contributed to the development, growth, and extension of library and information services in the local community, the state, or the nation. An award is not necessarily given every year.

George Mason Award
Year Name Library or Institution
1986 A. L. Philpott Delegate, Virginia General Assembly
1987 C. E. Charitable Trust C. E. Charitable Trust
1990 Robert B. Ball Delegate, Virginia General Assembly
1991 Lawrence Reed O’Brien Sr. Virginia Educational Vendors Association
1993 Ida Patton Library of Virginia
1994 Theresa Byrd J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College
1995 Linda L. Krantz Rockbridge Regional Library
1996 Marjorie Morgan Freeman Lynchburg College
1997 Dennis E. Robison James Madison University
1998 Chryssi Maria Dessypris Library of Virginia
1999 Phillip West Cancer Resource Center Williamsburg Regional Library
2000 Nelson Worley Library of Virginia
2002 Hon. John H. Chichester Senator, Virginia General Assembly
2003 Linda Hahne Virginia Library Association
2004 Ann Friedman Arlington County Public Library
Dennis Robison

George Mason Award winners Linda Hahne, 2003, and Dennis Robison, 1997.

Trustee Library Award

The Trustee Library Award is presented in recognition of distinguished service to libraries or a library in Virginia. The trustee honored may have served on the local, state, regional, or national level, or at a combination of levels. An award is not necessarily given every year.

Trustee Library Award
Year Name Library or Institution
1981 Mary R. Jamieson
Jack Robertson
Rappahannock County Library
Virginia Beach Public Library
1988 Virginia Kelly
Sara V. Kyle
Pulaski County Library
Carroll County Regional Library
1990 Jean Mehler
Joyce Phillips
James McEckron
Waynesboro Public Library
Prince William Public Library
Augusta County Library
1991 Cynthia Ghaemmaghami
Eleanor Smith
Lurlene Willoughby
Chesapeake Public Library
Central Rappahannock Regional Library
Loudoun County Public Library
1993 Betty Cullota
Andrew McCutcheon Jr.
Rockbridge Regional Library
State Library Board
1994 Donald C. Kiscaden Staunton Public Library
1996 R. Frank Tobin Central Rappahannock Regional Library
1997 Stephen E. Story Norfolk Public Library
1998 Phylis A. Salak Fairfax County Public Library
1999 Linda Conti-White Loudoun County Public Library
2000 George M. Van Sant Central Rappahannock Regional Library
2001 Marjorie Cooper Bedford Public Library
2003 Betty Jane Simpson Blue Ridge Regional Library
2004 Richard “Dick” M. Hamrick Jr. Staunton Public Library

Friends of the Library Award

The Friends of the Library Award is presented annually to one or more Friends groups in recognition of distinguished service to libraries or a library in Virginia. An award is not necessarily given every year.

Friends of the Library Award
Year Friends
1988 Handley Regional Library
1989 Jefferson-Madison Regional Library
Richmond Public Library
1990 George Mason Regional Library
Salem Public Library
Virginia Beach Public Library
Boatwright Library at the University of Richmond
1991 Waynesboro Public Library
Central Rappahannock Regional Library
1992 Buckingham County Library
Charlotte County Library
John McMahon of the Newport News Public Library
West Point Branch, Pamunkey Regional Library, and the West Point Literary Club
1993 Chesterfield County Public Library
Fairfax City Regional Library
George Mason Regional Library
Reston Regional Library
1994 Chesterfield County Public Library
Williamsburg Regional Library
1995 Lynchburg Public Library
Richmond Public Library
1997 Victoria Public Library of Southsheaderse Regional Library
1998 Chesterfield County Public Library
1999 Virginia Beach Public Library
2000 George Mason Regional Library
2001 Newport News Public Library
2002 Washington County Public Library
2003 Goochland Branch of the Pamunkey Regional Library

Honorary Life Members

Eligibility for an honorary life membership is confined to trustees or former trustees, Friends of Virginia libraries, and Virginia librarians and paraprofessionals who have held membership and who have made outstanding contributions to Virginia librarianship.

Names and information on nominees are approved by the VLA Council and appear on the annual ballot to be voted on by the membership. Members may vote on more than one nominee, and more than one may be elected. A majority of fifty percent plus one of those voting determines life membership. Acceptance of nominees by the membership bestows on the honorary life member full benefits of membership without dues. An award is not necessarily given every year.

Honorary Life Members
Year Name Library or Institution
1980 Elizabeth Cooper Chesterfield County Public Library
Elizabeth A. Scott Dabney S. Lancaster Community College
Lucille Dobson Snow Roanoke College, Hollins College
1981 Jane B. Nida Arlington County Public Library
Ida Mae Leatherman Richmond Public Library
Raymond E. Williams Jefferson-Madison Regional Library
1982 Katherine M. Smith Library of Virginia
Frank C. Shirk Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Henry James Jr. Sweet Briar College
1983 Robert Ball Delegate, Virginia General Assembly
Mary Ester Grubb Loudoun County Public Library
Sterling Bagby Halifax County South Boston Regional Library
Alice Bauer University of Virginia
Miller Boord Randolph Macon Woman’s College
Margaret Sue Carpenter City of Richmond Public Schools
Marjorie Dennin Northern Virginia Community College
Mary Frances Propst Southside Regional Library
Crimora Waite Culpeper Town and County Library
Bess P. Walford Philip Morris
1984 H. Gordon Bechanan Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Mary A. Marshallv Delegate, Virginia General Assembly
Hannah McLay Virginia State Library Consultant
Mary Elizabeth Mather City of Richmond Public Schools
John H. Robertson Virginia Beach Public Library
Howard M. Smith Richmond Public Library
1985 Maurice D. Leach Jr. Washington and Lee University
J. William Doswell VLA Lobbyist
M. Patricia Carey Fairfax County Public Library
Mary Lynch Molyneux Bedford Public Library
Richard M. Bagley Delegate, Virginia General Assembly
Sarah W. Crews Library of Virginia
Verdelle V. Bradley Virginia Union University
1990 Bertha W. Edwards Portsmouth Community Library
Jane Lego Norfolk Public Libraryv
1991 Gladys Caywood Newport News Public Schools
Florence Chandler
Theda Gibson Lonesome Pine Regional Library
Martha LeStourgeon Longwood College
Sarah Wallace
1992 Beverly Bagan City of Richmond Public Schools
Elizabeth Browning Henrico County Public Schools
Ray W. Frantz University of Virginia
Jeanne G. Plitt Alexandria Library
William C. Pollardv Mary Baldwin College
Marjorie Tallichet Alexandria Library
Betty Wooldridge Blue Ridge Regional Library
1994 Catherine Vaughan
1995 Jim Gaines Virginia Military Institute
1996 Beth Askew Nelson County Public Library
Dale W. Brown Arlington County Schools
Dean Burgess Portsmouth Public Library
1998 Dennis E. Robison James Madison University
1999 Ruth J. Turner Fairfax County Public Library
Rebecca Laine Longwood College
2001 Terry Sumey Lynchburg College
2002 Carolyn Tate University of Richmond

Jefferson Cup Award

The Jefferson Cup Award honors a distinguished work of American biography, historical fiction, or history for young people. The Youth Services Forum of the Virginia Library Association has presented this award annually since the 1982 publishing year. Through the award, the Youth Services Forum seeks to promote reading about America’s past; to encourage quality writing of United States history, biography, and historical fiction for young people; and to recognize authors in these disciplines.

Jefferson Cup Award
Year Author Title
1983 Milton Meltzer The Jewish Americans: A History in Their Own Words, 1650-1950
1984 Paula Spencer Underwood Who Speaks for Wolf: A Native American Learning Story as Told to Turtle Woman Singing by Her Father, Sharp-Eyed Hawk
1985 Bette Bao Lord In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson
1986 Patricia MacLachlan Sarah, Plain and Tall
1987 Margaret Rostkowski After the Dancing Days
1988 Russell Freedman Lincoln: A Photobiography
1989 Virginia Hamilton Anthony Burns: The Defeat and Triumph of a Fugitive Slave
1990 Carolyn Reeder Shades of Gray
1991 Russell Freedman Franklin Delano Roosevelt
1992 Russell Freedman The Wright Brothers: How They Invented the Airplane
1993 Jerry Stanley Children of the Dust Bowl: The True Story of the School at Weedpatch Camp
1994 Jim Murphy Across America on an Emigrant Train
1995 Patricia Polacco Pink and Say
1996 Jim Murphy The Great Fire
1997 Jean Thesman The Ornament Tree
1998 Leon Walter Tillage Leon’s Story
1999 Gary Paulsen Soldier’s Heart: Being the Story of the Enlistment and Due Service of the Boy Charley Goddard in the First Minnesota Volunteers
2000 Katherine Paterson Preacher’s Boy
2001 Jim Murphy Blizzard: The Storm That Changed America
2002 Elisa Carbone Storm Warriors
2003 Chris Crowe Mississippi Trial, 1955
2004 Kristine L. Franklin Grape Thief

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