When I began this "Openers" Boston and Chicago still had a chance to make it to the World Series. How things change...A friend said if the Cubs and the Red Sox did make it to the World Series we wouldn't be around to see it because an asteroid would have pulverized us long since.

I feel a bit as if I've been pinch hitting for my two and a half years as co-editor of Virginia Libraries . I'm very happy to announce that Cy Dillon will return as coeditor together with Lyn Gardner of Hampden Public Library. Cy very ably edited Virginia Libraries from 1996 to 2000 when he stepped down to become VLA Vice-President/President-Elect. Lyn is a writer with editing experience. I think Earlene Viano convinced her that editing VL is a lot of fun. It is, plus a lot of work. Earlene and I found that co-editing worked extremely well for us. I believe that Cy and Lyn will discover the same.

So, to further continue the baseball theme, this is my Closer. (I guess a closer is really a person, not a thing, but I'm taking liberties here (also with the parentheses Cy!).) Both Earlene and I have very much enjoyed working on Virginia Libraries . VLA has been fortunate to have had many good editors — Cy, Dan and Lucretia Ream, Andrea Kross, Iza Cieszynski, Alan Zoellner, Dean Burgess, and many more. Both Earlene and I are very happy to include our names among these fine previous editors. VLA is also fortunate to have libraries, library staffs, and librarians who are doing interesting things and are willing to share their experiences and expertise with others. I would like to thank all our contributors and to encourage others to consider publication in Virginia Libraries .

This month's line up includes a remembrance of Mary Ann Harmon, President of the Friends of the Chesterfield County Public Library and past Chairman of the Board of the Library of Virginia, by Robert E. Wagenknecht. Ms. Harmon was a tireless advocate for Chesterfield Library and for Virginia libraries in general.

Andrew Sanderbeck's "Managing Team Excellence in Times of Change" is certainly relevant to any library manager. We hope his tips help you and your staff in these challenging times (just when aren't times challenging?).

Candice Michalik's story of Lynchburg Reads campaigns should also inspire other library systems to adopt this popular program. Her upbeat account of the 2003 adoption of James McBride's The Color of Water should challenge other libraries and communities to try a "_____ Reads" campaign.

"Active Recruitment Within Academic Libraries" by Andrew Morton, Linda Fairtile, Rachel Frick, Lisa Scott, and Keith Weimer should encourage those of us who may be "of a certain age" and wondering where our profession is heading. These younger librarians are working at the University of Richmond to interest students in librarianship and information science as a career choice. We all know that librarianship is a rewarding career. Programs like the one described can help us do a better job of conveying this to students at our respective colleges and in our towns.

As always Sara Bearss and the staff at the Library of Virginia have provided us with reviews of a number of wonderful books on Virginia's history and people. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Sara, Brent, Emily, Barbara, Laura, Trenton, as well as Jon and Julie for making "Virginia Reviews" possible.

Now, I'd like to once again thank everyone who has made Earlene's and my editorship so enjoyable. VLA Presidents Cy Dillon, Iza Cieszynski, and Morel Fry have been supportive, and gotten their column done when we asked! Jon Marken of Lamp-Post Publicity does a wonderful, professional job for VLA in its many publications. We've enjoyed working with Linda Hahne, who is thoroughly professional and professionally thorough in everything she does for VLA. We'd like to thank our Editorial Board. We may not have called upon you as often as we could have, but your advice and article ideas helped us more than you know. Finally, we'd like to thank the many VLA members and others who have supplied us with articles and ideas for articles. This is your publication, and we hope you're proud of it. Now, on to Cy and Lyn!