I thoroughly enjoyed the President's Column that Iza Cieszynski wrote last year on the paths taken by people who became librarians. Most of the people came into the field almost by accident. I am almost embarrassed to admit it, but I actually set out to be a librarian. In high school, I worked in a small public library as a page and decided this was the profession for me. Luckily for me, the librarian determined that if I were going to be a librarian, I was going to know what was involved and over the next two years I catalogued, did reference, worked circulation, bought books, shelved, and performed a variety of tasks. Nothing discouraged me so I went on, and after over 30 years I am still excited about libraries.

But Iza's column got me thinking about how other library people came into the field, so I decided to do Part II and ask paraprofessionals how they came to libraries and why they stay. Over and over we hear how other jobs pay higher salaries and have better hours, but we remain in libraries. I suspected that the routes into the library and the reasons for staying would be similar. And here are bits and pieces of their responses:

To answer my initial questions, we come to libraries in a variety of ways. Why do we stay? Again for differing reasons but mostly because there is joy in librarianship, and we love what we do. How lucky we are!