The Canadian Encyclopedia Online /L'Encyclopédie canadienne en ligne

Search or browse the latest edition of this Canadian classic edited by James Marsh. This multimedia "portrait of Canada," which for the time being remains free of charge, contains over 10,000 articles written by nearly 4,000 experts on Canadiana. Advanced searching is available from the home page, but browsing features, including a useful subject index and a directory of interactive maps, graphs, and more, are only accessible after a search has been done. True to form, it includes versions in English and French.

Libdex: The Library Index

Search or browse (by over 120 countries and nearly 100 OPAC vendors) this latest offering from Northern Lights. Entries include the library's name and its location, as well as web site addresses for the library's home page, web catalog, and friends of the library group. Articles about libraries andfundraising and a searchable database of publishers' catalogues are also provided.

Consumer Products Safety Commission Recalls

Two new functions allow users to search for recalled goods by one of over 300 product categories (from adapters to worm probes) and also by companies (more than 3,000 are listed). Recall notices include detailed CPSC Office of Public Affairs reports complete with the model and/or serial numbers of affected products, color photographs, and more. This site also includes a monthly chronological listing of recalls dating back to May 1973 and a useful set of links to related federal agencies in charge of recalls, such as the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration for automobile recalls.

Today's TV

Brought to you by the good folks at TV Guide, this useful web site allows users to browse through twenty-four hours of television programming from virtually every cable, satellite, or broadcast provider in the country. Programming includes listings for a fixed 14-day period (i.e., it may include dates from the past).The search form allows users to look at all entries or customize by selecting a day, time, channel, or genre (soaps,news, sports, etc.). Schedules include links to handy program summaries, program cast listings, and TV ratings.

EPA's UV Index

This database, developed jointly by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Weather Service, gives forecasts on ultraviolet radiation levels across the country. Search by zip code or view a graphical map for UV zones. The site also includes links to annual data dating back to 1996 for over fifty major cities in the United States.

Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology

Search or browse the "largest scientific dictionary ever compiled in the English language to the Web." This resource, which is currently available free of charge,boasts over 130,000 entries in 130 different fields including engineering sciences, life sciences, medicine, physical sciences,mathematics and computer science, and the social sciences. Definitions are compiled by "outside experts," verified by a group of peer reviewers,and edited by Christopher Morris.

The next time you need to know the Estonian word for librarian (raamatukoguhoidja), look no further than This site allows users to translate words from English into nearly sixty languages by searching over 150 different online dictionaries. Other tools are also available, such as Translate Now,a phrase and sentence translator, and Link Search, a searchable index of online dictionaries.

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

The World Conservation Union, based in Switzerland but with offices throughout the world, has been assessing the state of animal and plant species of the world since 1948. The Red List"provides taxonomic, conservation status and distribution information on tax a that have been evaluated using the IUCN Red List Categories … [and] is designed to determine the relative risk of extinction, and the main purpose of the IUCN Red List is to catalogue and highlight those tax a that are facing a higher risk of global extinction." Basic and expert search form sallow for searching by threatened category, country, or region. Links to summary statistics are also included.

USNO Master Clock Time

Does anyone really know what time it is? Robert Lamm and Chicago may not but the U.S. Naval Observatory sure does.Their famous Master Clock is online both graphically and, for those hard-core users, aurally by way of the USNO Master Clock Voice Announcer (real audio/real player enabled). The animated GIF clocks provide the time for each of the U.S. time zones, but they require a Netscape browser.


Show me the money! Look no further than the FECInfo Database, made available by Vote Net Solutions, based in D.C.This site, "a place to discover who gave what to which federal candidates when," provides a wealth of campaign donation information including detailed contribution listings for Congress and the President broken down by individual, Political Action Committee(PAC), party, and more. Look up contributors by name, occupation,and zip code. Entries include the donor's name,occupation, and city of residence, the date and amount of the donation, the receiving candidate (with a link to a listing of all his/her individual contributors), and a photocopy of the FEC filing. Other handy categories are also included, such as listings of donors from one state contributing to candidates in other states. Most data date back to 1980."