The Oxford Companion to Wine

Browse the second edition (1999) of this award-winning reference work edited by respected wine authority Jancis Robinson. This encyclopedic dictionary contains more than 3,500 entries including detailed descriptions of grape varieties, histories of wine growing regions (including Virginia), as well as wine making, growing, and tasting terms. Many articles contain helpful hypertext cross-references and most include a statement of authorship. Convenient links to's Wine Selector are also given.

Top American Research Universities

This report, published annually by TheCenter, a research enterprise based at the University of Florida, provides comparative data for the top 100 public and private colleges and universities in the United States using ten quality measures: total research expenditures, federal research expenditures, endowment assets, annual giving, national academy members, faculty awards, doctorates awarded, postdoctoral appointees, mean SAT scores, and national merit and achievement scholars. Source notes (and source links) for each data table are provided. Tables are presented in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. The report is published under the direction of University of Florida history professor John Lombardi.

Online Conversion

Online Conversion contains dozens of calculators to convert "anything to anything else" including lengths, temperatures, speeds, volumes, weights, cooking measurements, and financial estimates. This site also includes a group of miscellaneous converters such as one to calculate the distance between two United States cities, a Roman numeral year converter, a time calculator, and more. Online Conversion is produced by BlueSparks WebMaster Resources and provides links to additional BlueSparks resources including their Acronym Search.

The "world's largest listing of online newspapers" is an index of nearly 5,000 online newspapers published in 200 countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe as well as geo-political areas such as Palestine and the Basque Country. Titles are listed alphabetically and geographically, grouped by country or continent. Online is created by the Australian-based Web Wombat group.

Publishers' Catalogues Home Page

Publishers' Catalogues, from Northern Lights Internet Solutions, is the Web's premier publishing directory. Browse by geographic location or material type (books, magazines, e-books, multimedia, etc.), or choose from nearly sixty publishing topics. A handy search engine allows users to search by a keyword from the publisher's name. The site also includes links to other publishing-related resources such as a calendar of book fairs.

FindLaw Court Forms

This latest site in a long line of useful legal resources from is a large collection of court forms from all Federal Circuit and Appellate Courts as well as thirty-five State Court systems. State Courts can include forms for civil, criminal, family, domestic relations, juvenile protection, traffic divisions, and small claims courts, but these court forms are not consistently available from state to state. Some forms also include accompanying instructions.

Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body

Search or browse the 20th edition (1918) of Henry Gray's classic anatomical work, which includes more than 13,000 entries and over 1,200 illustrated engravings. This online version of Gray's Anatomy includes a useful subject index and a thumbnail index of Gray's detailed illustrations, many of which are in color, including the brain. Unfortunately, no search engine of illustrations is provided. Gray's Anatomy is one of many classic reference works made available electronically by

This new translation service rapidly translates the content of a Web page or any text (up to 15,000 characters) that is typed or pasted into a box from English to Spanish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, or Portuguese, or to English from the former three. Unlike other translation services (like Altavista) this web engine "interprets the structure of sentences in the source language (the language you are translating from) and generates a translation based on the rules of the target language (the language you are translating to)" rather than translating documents word-for-word. is a product of Transparent Language.'s Salary Wizard

Search for median salaries across the United States for nearly seventy different job categories from accounting to transportation and warehousing. Simply select a job title within a relevant job category and type in a zip code or choose a metropolitan area and the Wizard produces a chart with low, median, and high base salaries as well as a job description for that position. The Wizard will also produce the same chart mapped alongside a national average for that field. The date (but not the source) of the data is given for each chart.

Yahoo! Real Estate City Comparison

This latest entry into the city comparison market allows users to compare two (of nearly one thousand) United States cities using twenty-three different criteria in the following areas: finance and economy, real estate, education, quality of life, travel and transportation, weather, and cost of living. Ranked lists of each criterion are available by clicking on the category name.