You'll never really know how fast a year can go by until you've been elected president of an organization with only twelve short months to accomplish everything you've planned. I find myself at the halfway mark of the VLA year and can hardly believe it. Where has it gone? Can I yell stop? I'd like to enjoy it some more! So far, I can honestly say that it's a super year with lots of accomplishments either completed or underway to improve the organization and its service to you, the members, and to the broader library audience in Virginia. I want to share with you a mid-term snapshot of our work to date.

Accomplishments to note : Highlights of work currently underway :

If that isn't enough, VLA has appointed Ruth Kifer to be our representative on the UCITA Study Group formed by JCOTS, Caroline Parr has been appointed to represent VLA on the Read Aloud Virginia Board, and VLA is beginning to take an active role in providing information to JLARC for its State Aid study. Given that the year is speeding by, I think VLA Council members have done an absolutely wonderful job in accomplishing all this work. While we celebrate Virginia's libraries, let's also celebrate the dedicated and innovative work of our colleagues in VLA!